Promotion Decisions

The promotion decisions are based on ADAM’s Promotion Requirements. The set of criteria for a pupil are based on that pupil’s grade and their qualification. If they are not specifically registered for a qualification, then the default qualification as set in the Reporting Period Settings is used.

Interpreting ADAM’s promotion decisions

In the pupil’s detailed academic history page (Navigate to their Pupil Info page → academic records detailed academic history), ADAM will show the promotion criteria for a term as well as its reasoning for the decision.

Where a pupil has been listed as failed, note carefully the checks that ADAM lists. This may give you a clue as to why the pupil did not pass. Specifically, make sure that the pupil belongs to the qualification you imagine they should (or “default”) in the pupil details and that there are appropriate promotion requirements for that grade and qualification.

Recalculation promotion decisions

ADAM will, under normal circumstances, automatically recalculate the promotion decisions for pupils. This happens whenever a mark is added or changed for a pupil. It can take up to 5 minutes for the recalculation to take place, but is normally quicker than that.

There are times, however, when the promotion decisions are not automatically updated and you may therefore wish to force a manual recalculation of these for a grade.

Head to Reporting → Promotion Results → Recalculate Aggregates and Promotions.

ADAM will ask you to specify which grade and which reporting period you’d like to have the decisions updated for. You can, once you’ve chosen those details, also specify which pupils you’d like to be recalculated, or you can select the whole grade.

ADAM will then recalculate the promotion decisions according to the current promotion requirements for that grade and qualification. For more information, read about the Promotion Requirements below.