Appendix B: Common Errors and their Meanings

We are slowly growing this section with errors that users come across.

Incorrect Validation Token

The Problem

This error is most commonly experienced on mobile devices such as smartphones and will almost always happen after filling in a form and clicking on the button at the bottom. Commonly, this happens when logging into ADAM.

Mobile devices especially are very aggressive when it comes to caching previously loaded pages - especially bookmarked pages. This means that the device will use the previously loaded page instead of requesting a new one. When this happens, the tokens that ADAM uses as part of its security expire.

Expired tokens will mean that ADAM cannot trust the information that you are sending it.

How to Fix It

The easiest way is to refresh the page that you are looking at before completing the form.

If you fill in a form and then tap on the button at the bottom to move to the next step and then get this error, move back to the page that contains the form and then refresh that page. On a mobile device this is commonly done by dragging down from the top of the page. This causes ADAM to get a fresh copy of the form which will contain new security tokens.

Instead of bookmarking the login page, rather bookmark the landing page once logged in. If you are logged in at that point, you won’t need to enter your password again, and if you are not, you will see the menu that will easily lead you to the login page option. By using the menu option to get to the login screen, you will almost certainly get fresh security tokens when you do so, thereby avoiding this error.