School Logos

These are uploaded to ADAM for use on screen and in printing. To upload new school logos, please navigate to the “Administration” tab and under the “Site Administration” heading there is an option to “Upload school logos”.

The five logos that can be added are the screen logo. This is typically a smaller logo than the print logo, designed to be displayed on your ADAM website in the top left corner.

The existing logos, if any, are displayed below the information shown in the diagram above.

The print logo is often used in reporting templates and on other print-outs such as scratch lists and so on. This should typically be of a higher quality, although ADAM will resize it as necessary.

The three e-mail logos are automatically added to every mail sent from ADAM to provide some corporate imagery to your mails. It is also possible to customise the font and colour of the e-mails by setting the necessary CSS rules in the Site Settings (see Changing Site Settings).

The header is added at the top of the mail with the message body appearing below it. The footer is added at the bottom, similar to an e-mail signature. Note that the footer is the same for all users and cannot be customised per user. While an option is provided for a background image which is “tiled”, not many e-mail clients support the background image and thus its use is not recommended and should not be relied on. The major downside of including this as an extra element is that the size of the e-mail message is increased for no guaranteed benefit.

Deleting logos

If you wish to change a logo, simply upload a new logo over the existing one to replace it.

If, however, you wish to delete the existing image (perhaps the e-mail background) and not have a new image in its place, you will notice a tick box next to the image. Simply tick the box next to the image you wish to remove and click on the “Upload pictures” button to send your request to the server.