Server Setup and Configuration

If you host your ADAM server on our cloud platform, you probably won’t need to worry about this section. However, if you’re hosting ADAM locally on your own server, it may be necessary to change some of the settings.

Setting up a “LAMP stack”

The minimum requirements for setting up a LAMP stack are the following:


Editing the configuration file

The configuration file is found in the ADAM source folder.

The following minimum settings are required:

Any of the site settings can be overridden in the configuration file. This prevents an errant user from being able to change that setting either maliciously or accidentally.

To override a setting, you will need to know its setting code. This can be found with some HTML DOM inspection in your favourite web browser. In popular browsers such as Chrome and Firefox, this can be done by pressing “Ctrl + Shift + C” on your keyboard. This will open the Developer Tools panel. Move your mouse over, and click on, the field where the value is:

In the example above, the “Academic Subject Category” control has been selected. Note in the white panel at the bottom, the highlighted line which contains the text:


This is the part of relevance for us. In your configuration file, you could then write (taking note that the category ID for Academic subjects is 1):

settings[academics] = 1

For example. Note, please, the plural “settings” is required in the configuration file even though the name attribute makes use of the singular “setting”.