Login Messages

It is possible for site administrators to add notifications to the home page for users to see. These messages are either highlighted in red or green to make them stand out and be easily visible.

To add a message, click on the Administration tab and look under the Site Administration heading for the option Manage Login Messages.

The window will show a list of all currently programmed messages. An option at the top of the screen allows you to add a new login message.

Adding a new login message

The options available for each message are as follows:

The message will only be shown if:

  1. It is still before the expiry date and time; and
  2. If the Maximum Views Per Person is non-zero, if the person viewing the message has not yet seen it that many times.

A “view” is generated each time they open the page with the message and does not necessarily relate to the number of times the user has logged in.