Staff Absentees

ADAM is able to record staff absentee information for staff. This information is largely collected in order to submit it with SA-SAMS exports.

While leave can be recorded on ADAM, it is important to realise that ADAM is not an HR package and thus cannot manage the leave owing to a staff member.

Recording absentee information

Navigate to Staff → Staff Absentees → Add absentee records (individual). Choose the staff member to add absentee records for and click on Next.

Next, confirm the start and end date of the absence. If a range of dates is provided, ADAM can be instructed to Exclude Weekends from the absence.

Choose the type of absence and provide a note for your future reference.

Click on the record staff absenteeism button to save the records.

Clearing absentee records

If an absentee record was added in error, it can be removed by first selecting the date range to remove and then clicking on the Clear staff absenteeism button.