Grade Settings

ADAM is capable of showing different names for grades depending on your school’s requirements. Internally, ADAM represents the grades as a number from -3 to 12.

It is rare that schools will refer to Grades 00 (RR) as “Grade -1”. Thus this is used in the pre-primary grades where Grade R is sometimes referred to as “Grade 0” and so on. Additionally, some older high schools make use of traditional grade names such as “Forms” or “Blocks”. ADAM can take these names into account.

By default, if ADAM hasn’t been configured otherwise, ADAM will use the grade descriptor “Grade” and adds a number afterwards: such as “Grade 8”.

Customising the Grade Settings

Navigate to Administration → Academic Administration → Edit grade settings.

ADAM will show you the grades that your school offers and allows you to type in a description for each grade. If a description is provided here, ADAM will use that description exactly as it appears here.

Some examples include:

The Short Name is used when ADAM needs to reference a grade name for abbreviated display.

Finally, if your school is structured in such a way that there is more than one point of graduation, you can select which grades are graduating grades.

A:\Users\Philip\AppData\Local\Microsoft\Windows\INetCache\Content.Word\big_warning_11.pngNote that when the year-end roll-over is done, all people in this grade will be graduated to become alumni. Thus this should only be set if the majority of students leave the school at that point. Mostly, this is for use in situations such as schools who offer a post matric that most of their matric students do not progress to, for example.

Once you have entered the grade names, click on the Save changes button.